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Issue Number 34 January, 2004, A.D.

My dear Friends and Benefactors,

I am writing to you on the Birthday of Saint Philomena (10"' January). In these godless times we must be vigilant. Birthday does NOT mean "beginning of life" !! NOT AT ALL!!! Saint Philomena's short earthly life began NINE MONTHS before her Birthday. Her life (As did yours!) began at CONCEPTION.

For this reason - any medical doctor with a conscience will tell you - LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION AND ANY ATTEMPT TO DESTROY THAT LIFE AFTER CONCEPTION IS MURDER!

Recently the people of California elected the actor, Arnold Sc:hwarzenegger as their Governor. That was their right. Sad thins; is that the BIGMAN is (supposedly) a Catholic and is in favour of abortion. We pray for his conversion. We pray also for his Bishop who has done NOTHING to instruct his son -in- Christ that he is in MORTAL SIN and is leading THOUSANDS of souls to HELL through the MURDER of their precious babies! No Catholic may vote for a pro-abortion politician.

Fr. Hopkins underwent an operation on his eyes in late November, from which he is still recovering. He may need further surgery. Please keep him in your prayers and be patient with correspondence as reading is difficult for him at present, and if prolonged, painful.

Fr. Rueda returned to us before Christmas from a tour of Brazil and Germany. His celebrations of the Holy Mass and his sermons are most inspiring.
Mr. John Ace from Minneapolis, MI, has given us thousands of hand made cords of Saint Philomena. This elderly gentleman has dedicated his evening years to making these blessed cords. Many are sent to Ukraine where they are gratefully received and many miraculous cures are recorded.

Thanks to John's kind work we can give away these sacramentals to all who request them.

To receive a FREE CORD OF SAINT PHILOMENA, please send a strong stamped addressed envelope. The Cord will be sent to you free of charge with an explanatory leaflet.

Of the several forms which devotion to Saint Philomena has taken, perhaps the one that is best known and most used is that of her Cord.
The use of her Cord has been from the beginning a favourite way of honouring the Saint and invoking her protection.

O Saint Philomena, glorious Martyr of Faith and Purity, grant me the same strength of mind that enabled you to resist the most terrible assaults of the devil; grant me your ardent love for Jesus Christ which the most horrible tortures were not able to extinguish, so that, wearing your cord and imitating you on earth, I may be crowned with you in Heaven. Amen.
Saint Jean-Marie Vianney, the holy Cure of Ars himself blessed and distributed thousands.

The cord is white and red, representing the Purity and Faith for which Saint Philomena died. White represents her virginity, red her blood shed for Christ. The cord maybe made of linen, wool or cotton threads. It has two knots at one end recalling her virginity and martyrdom. The white colour represents virginity, the red, martyrdom.

On the day on which the Cord is worn for the first time.
2. On the 25"'. May, the anniversary of the opening of Saint Philomena's tomb in the Catacombs of Saint Priscilla and the discovery of Saint Philomena's relics.
The Holy Cord has been approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites and is enriched with Indulgences.
3. On the 11`h. August, Saint Philomena's main Feastday.
The Holy Cord is usually worn under one's outer garment as a "girdle". No ceremony is required in conferring it, but it should be blessed. When replacing a worn Cord with a new one this should also be blessed.
4. On the15'h. December, date on which the devotion of the Cord was approved by the Holy See.
5. At the moment of death.
Wearers of the Holy Cord should have the intention of honouring Saint Philomena to the best of their ability in order to merit protection against evils of soul and body, and to obtain, through her prayers, perfect chastity and faith.

With the exception of the last, it is necessary, in order to gain these indulgences, to confess, receive Holy Communion, make a visit to a church and there pray for the Holy Father's intentions within eight days.
The Cord of Saint Philomena has been the instrument of many favours. It is used by the sick. It is a protection against accidents and evils of every kind. Those suffering from temporal trials or spiritual temptations have found it a wonderful help. It is especially recommended that children be given the Cord, for it is a marvellous protection against the many mishaps that threaten them.
Fr. Rueda joins me to give you the Blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the new YEAR OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, 2004!
The Cord is worn especially as a safeguard of the virtue of chastity. St. Philomena is a powerful protectress of this virtue. Her own virginal purity was outstanding. Hence her clients believe that God has given her a special power of assisting those who are tempted against this virtue.