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Issue Number 42

Dear Friends of Saint Philomena,

Our last issue was dedicated to explaining the reasons for our celebrating the traditional Roman
liturgical rites in Latin and not the more common vernacular ones at the Shrine.

Many of you wrote in to thank us for our words. Some asked for extra copies, a few courteously reasoned against our position. No hostile reaction was received. Nobody demanded to be removed from the mailing list. This is very encouraging, for the debate in the Church continues.

So it must. We are living in extreme times. Never in her history has the One True Church been so assailed by her enemies, so wounded, so weak, appearing to be dying on the Cross once more. But, she can never be conquered. True, she may appear to die, but she will rise again! We have the promise of Our Lord: “the gates of hell shall not prevail” (Mt. 16:18).


To an outside observer, today’s Catholic Church appears to be dying. Worse, it is self-destructing. Whilst its leaders - perhaps justifiably likened to two of the “Three Brass Monkeys” – “See no evil” and “Hear no evil” -continue to grin and sing the song of the so-called “New Pentecost” of Vatican II, that the “Great Renewal” is taking place; churches, seminaries, convents close, vocations are ever fewer,millions become Protestant or just cease to practice their faith, our poor parish churches and cathedrals that remain are stripped of their beauty (at vast expense) to become centres for a liturgy that is –apart from being the occasion of daily sacrilege- banal, uninspiring and embarrassingly childish.

This situation, unparalleled in Church history, has been described as one of “diabolical disorientation”.

Diabolical disorientation is when the Church, the barque of Peter, is abnormally tossed about by the devil. No immediate human solution can be found. Divine intervention is the only answer. In conditions like this one might think that the Church must sink. Of course it cannot. We must continue to have faith and pray.

We must never lose courage, especially when, after forty years of misery there is hope, at last, on the horizon.

For almost 40 years now, Catholics of tradition have fought for the correct translation of the formula of Consecration in the Mass. As a Protestant (Anglican) I well remember our (defective) liturgy correctly translated the words of Our Lord for the consecration of the chalice:

“This is my Blood of the New Testament, which is shed for you and for many for the remission of sins” (Book of Common Prayer).

In St. Matthew’s Gospel we read: Jesus “taking the chalice… gave thanks and gave to them
saying: Drink ye all of this. For this is my blood of the new testament, which shall be shed for many unto remission of sins” (Mt. 26: 27f.)

“For many” is a correct translation of the Latin “pro multis”. In the new Mass the “translation” is “for all”. In Latin this would read “pro omnibus”.

This a very, very serious deliberate mistranslation, based upon mistaken “scholarship”
and has been used by heretics to justify their proposition of “universal salvation”, a characteristic of the “New Pentecost” meaning “God is Love, therefore He can never condemn
anyone to Hell”. “All go to Heaven no matter what” (Sorry, Satanists). Thus we observe the
destruction of Mission: Why preach the Gospel to the unbelievers if they go to Heaven anyway? Thus we observe the decline of participation in the Sacrament of penance: Why go through the humiliation of confession if you are going to Heaven anyway?

At last the Vatican has commanded that the words “pro multis” be correctly translated as “for
many”. “For all” must be removed.

This is a sign of great hope and a reason to give thanks to God for Pope Benedict XVI. We need to pray for our Holy Father!

More cause for hope in to be found in so far as it is no longer fashionable to criticize the priest for “turning his back on the people, i.e. –insulting them” during the celebration of Mass.

When the priest offers Mass, he is not turning away from the people, but turning towards God!

In the time when Jesus walked this earth, Jews prayed facing Jerusalem –as they do today- they face the Jerusalem temple – or, what is left of it after its destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D.

After the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Apostles taught the faithful to pray towards the east because when Jesus ascended into Heaven He rose towards the east and they believed that He will return in glory from the same direction.

Christians – Catholics_ worshipped facing east from the earliest times. Churches were built
“oriented” – “facing the east” - unless such a condition was impossible or an already existing
building facing a different direction had been taken over.

Our Holy Father Benedict XVI has this to say:
“Priest and people were united in facing eastward; that is, a cosmic symbolism” (Feast of
Faith, 1968, p. 140).

He continues: “The common turning towards the east was not a ‘celebration towards the wall’….For just as the congregation in the synagogue looked towards Jerusalem, so in the Christian Liturgy the congregation looked together “towards the Lord”.

Our Holy Father considers Mass facing the people unhealthy and disoriented:

”The turning of the priest towards the people has turned the community into a self-enclosed circle.” In facing east “they did not close themselves into a circle; they did not gaze at one another, but ….they set their gaze on Christ who comes to meet us.”

For my tiny part, I have fought an apparently losing battle since being confronted with “Novus
Order” ironing board on going up to University in 1973. How many countless millions of dollars have the arm-chair revolutionaries of the New Church of “Luv” spent on destroying priceless works of art! All by those who would bleat about the need to “liberate the poor”!! If so many millions spent on stripping the Church of her glory had been given to the poor instead, maybe they would not need so much liberating!

The Pope has argued for more than twenty years that the “spread of the celebration of Mass
facing the people is a catastrophic error.

We can do no more than agree and pray that the Good God will give our Holy Father the courage to put into practice his beliefs!

Since we now find ourselves coming to the end of the Holy Season of Lent, we wish you and your loved ones a most Blessed and Holy Easter!

Let us turn towards the Lord!
Father Timothy A. Hopkins, B.A., MTI-L, P.G.C.E.