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Pope Benedict XVI, Head of God's Church on Earth

Before I became a Catholic I was a member of the Church of England. I remember resenting the fact that our local Catholic Church had on its notice board "St. Thomas of Canterbury CATHOLIC CHURCH". It should say "ROMAN" Catholic Church I argued, since as an Anglican I was just as much a Catholic .... After all, my Parish Priest (Anglican) insisted that the "Roman" Catholic Church was simply the "Italian Mission" in England! "Good King Hal (Henry VIII) stopped the
foreign domination of our English Catholic Church in the I6th. Century"!

Confused? So was I!

There is only One True Church of Christ. This is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ upon the rock of Peter's Faith (Mt. 16:18). Should anyone contest this he is either a fool or a liar or both.

All the thousands of Protestant sects were founded by men, evil men: apostates, blasphemers, heretics, charlatans, immoral persons, who sent and send countless thousands of souls to Hell. Any person who would recommend another to follow Henry VIII, Luther, Calvin, Joseph Smith, Charles Russell, etc., deserves to be either in the lunatic asylum or the prison.

Truth to be told, today's One True Church is in crisis.This should not surprise us, since it is the only way for saving souls and the devil in his fury is doing his best to stop its mission.

The Anglican "Church": (in the U.S.A: the "Episcopal Church"), is one of the most liberal Protestant sects. lt has been said that the Anglican religion has as many theologies as it does members. There are "Low Church", "State Church", "Broad Church", "High Church", "Anglo- Catholics", "Anglo-Catholic Papalists", "Evangelicals", "Modern Churchmen" and all manner
of in-between degrees.

Over the past decades some of its "bishops" have gone so far as to deny the Virgin Birth and even the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. l recall a particularly odd case of a minister in the south of England who claimed he has ceased to believe in God, but should such a belief help people he would continue to provide services in his parish. His "bishop" suggested he take time out to consider his position, but his parishioners held him to be such a nice man that they campaigned for him to continue as their pastor!

Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Church of England and Anglican Communion.

The Monarch of England is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and swears to uphold the Protestant Religion on taking the Coronation Oath.

Yet the Anglican "Church" claims to be part of the Catholic Church.

Many Anglicans, mostly of the "High Church" persuasion, hold that there are three "branches" of the one Catholic Church: The "Ang|ican", the "Orthodox" and the "Roman".

Therefore, these heretics call us "Roman" Catholics, because they are "Ang|ican" Catholics.

Let us never submit to this terminology!

We are Catholics. They are Protestants.

The Anglican "Church" : rather an heretical sect: is a Protestant farce, one of the reasons why the Anglican Vicar has long been characterized as a figure of fun. The founder of this strange religion was the lecherous King Henry Vlll, also a wife-slayer and glutton who died of syphilis. He "freed" the English from the "Church of Rome" more than 1,500 years after Jesus Christ founded His Church.

One of the prime reasons for my leaving the Anglican Church was the realisation of the vileness of its founder. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ upon the Rock of Saint Peter's Faith. The Anglican Church was founded upon the lust, greed and megalomania of King Henry VIII.

The Anglican "Church" has neither true priests nor valid sacraments (except baptism and matrimony).

The Orthodox Church does have valid Sacraments, deep spirituality and great devotion to Our Blessed Lady.

We pray daily for a return to unity of our brother and sister Orthodox Christians who broke with us at the schism of 1054, A.D.

Similarly, we pray for our brother and sister Anglicans, that they may return to the Faith of their Fathers.


The following is quoted from the Catholic Encyclopedia: article "Roman Catholic", by Revd. Fr. Thurston:


"A qualification of the name Catholic commonly used in English-speaking countries by those unwilling to recognize the claims of the One True Church. Out of condescension for these dissidents, the members of that Church are wont in official documents to be styled "Roman Catholics" as if the term Catholic represented a genus of which those who owned allegiance to the
pope formed a particular species.

It is in fact a prevalent conception among Anglicans to regard the whole Catholic Church as made up of three principal branches, the Roman Catholic, the Anglo-Catholic and the Greek Catholic.

lt is noteworthy that the representative Anglican divine, Bishop Andrewes... ridicules the phrase "Roman Catholic Church" as a contradiction in terms. "What," he asks, "is the object of adding "Roman"? The only purpose that such an adjunct can serve is to distinguish your Catholic Church from another Catholic Church which is not Roman."

lt is this very common line of argument which imposes upon Catholics the necessity of making no compromise in the matter of their own name... It is the traditional name handed down to us continuously from the time of Saint Augustine..."

Imagine: From 1309 to 1377 the Pope resided at Avignon, France. During this time the Church never called itself the "Avignon Catholic Church".

lt was proposed during the Second World War that the Holy Father move the Vatican to Ireland or the United States. Would the Church have been named the "Dublin Catholic Church" or the "New York Catholic Church"?
Of course not.

We are Christians and simply "Catholics"!


On Sunday the 10th of August, we will celebrate our annual Patronal Festival. Masses will be celebrated at 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. followed by the veneration of Saint Philmena's relics and annointing with her Holy Oil.

A Novena of Masses will be celebrated from the 2nd to the 10th of August.

To participate in the Novena,please write and submit your intentions, with a donation if possible.

Wishing you every blesing through the powerful intercession of Saint Philomena,

Revd. Father Timothy A. Hopkins,