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Pray every day for Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope is our "SWEET CHRIST ON EARTH"
(Saint Pius X) `


The "Hermeneutic of Continuity". Wow! What on earth does that mean?
That may well be your reaction to this strange phrase. It certainly was mine when I began coming across this increasingly frequent statement in newsletters and internet sites over the last year or so.
Apparently, it is a "buzz" phrase on behalf of those within the Church who are trying to say there is no difference between the teachings of the Catholic Church of the last forty years and that of the preceding 1,960.

Basically it comes from a small group of conservative Catholics who are at odds with both:
1. A smaller group of traditionalists (like ourselves), and:
2. 95% of the mainline Catholic Church today.

The "Traditionalists" hold that the Faith taught in the average Catholic parish
church is utterly different from that held by previous generations. There is a new Catechism, new Mass, Ecumenism "All religions are equally good". Univeralism: "Everybody goes to Heaven", etc.

The "mainline" Catholics are in agreement with the "Traditionalists", holding that there was a "New Pentecost" in the early 1960s (The Second Vatican Council) that made "all things new". In other words there in NO continuity with the past and this is A Good Thing.

The "Traditionalists" say that there was no "New Pentecost", rather that the
"smoke of Satan" (words of Pope Paul Vl) entered the Church, there is NO
continuity with the past and this is A Bad Thing.

The small group of conservative Catholics say there IS continuity. The Second
Vatican Council was Good and Nothing Changed.

Evidently some people are either blind or liars or both.

Our hearts go out to the small group of conservatives. They are trying to make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear". It cannot work.

What we see today are two Churches and two Religions both claiming to be
Catholic. In the larger body there is no continuity with the past. One must look to the remnant for the Catholic Church of Saints and centuries.

Those pursuing the "Hermeneutic of Continuity" are chasing a chimera.



the faithful


Please pray for Fr. Enrique Rueda who is undergoing treatment for Pancreatic Cancer. Father went on pilgrimage to Lourdes in March and was able to celebrate the Latin Mass in the basilica, something which would have been impossible a year or so ago. He is very grateful for your continued prayers.

Saint Philomena's Feastday will be celebrated this year on Sunday August 9th. at 11.00 a.m. After much thought and prayer and the urging of many, we will resume our Street Procession of the Saint after the Mass, There will, however,
be no Holy Communion given at this Mass. Holy Communion will be given privately to those who request it. This is to avoid sacrileges.




There will be a Raffle this year on Saint Philomena's Festival:

First Prize: Beautiful 40" statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
(worth $700.00)

Second Prize: 18" Statue of Saint Philomena

Third Prize: 24" x 18" Magnificent gilt framed portrait of Pope
Benedict 16th.

Tickets: $ 5.00 each.

Wishing you every Blessing through the powerful intercession of Saint Philomena!