Of the several forms which devotion to Saint Philomena has taken, perhaps the one that is best known and most used is that of her cord. The use of this cord is a favourite way of honouring theSaint and invoking her protection. Saint Jean-Marie Vianney, the holy Curé of Ars blessed and distributed thousands.

The cord is white and red, the white representing faith and virginity; the red the Saint's blood shed in martyrdom.

The cord is usually worn around the waist, but may be worn around the wrist or carried somewhere else.

Wearers of the cord should have the intention of honouring Saint Philomena to the best of their ability in order to merit her protection against evils of soul and body, and to obtain through her intercession perfect chastity and the spirit of faith.

Wearers of the Holy Cord are recommended to say this prayer daily:

"O Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr, pray for me that through your powerful intercession I may obtain that purity of mind and heart which lead to the perfect love of God. Amen."