Pure olive oil has been used in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick from apostolic times (Jas. 5:14f.). Olive oil is also used for the oil of Catechumens (employed at Baptism) and for the Holy Chrism (used at Baptism, Confirmation and the conferring of Holy Orders).

Oil lamps have been used in Christian worship from the earliest times. Today, in the Western Church, candles have generally supplanted them, although they may occasionally be found. Many burning oil lamps surround the burial place of Saint Peter in the Vatican Basilica. Oil lamps are generally to be found in churches of the East, on the altar and before the icon screen. A burning oil lamp hangs at the altar of Saint Philomena in her shrine in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

From soon after its establishment, there has been an oil lamp burning at Saint Philomena's shrine in Italy. As if by chance, it was discovered that the Saint worked miracles through the imposition of this oil. The sight of the blind was frequently restored, the deaf received back their hearing, speech was given to the mute and withered limbs were cured.

The Holy Oil of Saint Philomena is blessed annually on the Sunday nearest to her birthday (10th. January).
We should use this oil, imposing it asking theSaint's intercession for our various needs, for example, on any bodily member in need of healing. The oil may be taken on the tongue for internal necessities.
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