The following times listed below represents the typical weekly mass schedule. It is foreseeable that there may be occasional exceptions, so if you are visiting during a week day please check here or call to confirm.


Featured Event:

Reception of the Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Statue at The Shrine
January 15-17th - Click HERE or the image below to download the PDF schedule and details.

         Exposition/Confessions at 9:00 AM
         High Mass at 10:30 AM
First Fridays:
         Mass at 7:00 PM
         Followed by Benediction
         No Mass
First Saturdays:
         Benediction at 9:00 AM
         Mass at 10:00 AM
         Mass at 7:00 PM
         Mass at 10:00 AM

Christmas Schedule
         12:00 AM Midnight Mass
         7:30 AM Low Mass